Take it from the Top: Managers as Communicators

In our experience, companies naturally direct their internal communication to two audiences. Executives get the reports, strategy sessions and alignment activities. Employees get the mass information and updates. One of the most overlooked slices of the audience pie is also one of the most influential when it comes to conveying company messages: managers.

Smack in the middle of the company hierarchy, managers can help executives tailor information for their departments, and they can reinforce messages to their teams.

This is why we often recommend building a “Managers as Communicators” program, where we help a company assess the communication skills and effectiveness of this critical leadership group – and then create tactics to help managers cascade and reinforce company messages.

The leader’s guide is one simple and highly effective tactic we’ve deployed in multiple companies. Used sparingly for critical conversations, the leader’s guide is a discussion tool that outlines key messages, activities and actions managers can use when communicating to your team. It’s important to be clear which parts of the conversation are mandatory (encouraging consistency of communication across teams) but allow managers to tailor the content where possible, making it relevant and resonant for their teams.


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