FAQs as a Strategic, Trust-Building Tool

Traditionally, frequently asked questions (FAQs) are tacked onto an article or memo to rearticulate key points or explain a few next steps for employees.

We believe, however, the lowly FAQ is capable of so much more. Its simple question-and-answer format can take center stage as the main communication, giving employees easy-to-skim sound bites of information – starting with an overall question like “What did the company announce today?” And if you keep its content clear, honest and conversational, the FAQs can hit issues head-on and help to build transparency and trust with employees.

This approach has enabled us to use FAQs to great educational effect when tackling a range of communication.

For a Fortune 100 company that orchestrated an incredibly complex workforce reduction – including a voluntary departure offer, followed by involuntary role eliminations and no fewer than three severance plans to articulate – our steady drumbeat of published FAQs became an ongoing dialogue with employees. This not only set a tone of transparency and two-way dialogue, it drastically reduced the amount of redundant questions inundating the already swamped HR team.

In another example, we were tasked with helping the company navigate a complicated, unplanned CEO transition. Our weekly FAQs served as the primary source of trusted information for employees, helping quash rumors, clarify media reports and add context to what was happening.


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