A Social Media Policy that Sticks

Sharing is good. Unless we’re talking about employees tweeting confidential information and posting YouTube videos that damage their company’s reputation.

During the early days of social media proliferation – before most of today’s hottest platforms even existed – we were part of a team tasked with creating a useful, meaningful social media strategy for thousands of employees worldwide. With very little history to draw upon, we pulled together experts from our Communications, Legal and Human Resources teams to create something that would actually stick in the new Wild West of corporate communications. Our plan was to:

  • Write a brief, clear policy that employees can understand and follow
  • Encourage open dialogue between employees and the Legal team about rules, consequences and the First Amendment
  • Develop ongoing education for employees, including channels like team discussions and new hire orientation

In the end, we constructed  a detailed social media policy based on three simple tenets: Be smart. Be respectful. Be human.

Despite the ever-changing social media landscape, the same policy we wrote years ago is still being used by the company. And it’s still widely regarded as one of the best corporate social media policies in use today.


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