From Download to Employee Dialogue

Gone are the days of pushing one-way newsletters to employees as the sole source of company communication. And we have to say (in our humble opinion) – good riddance.

Companies are now inviting employees to converse, give honest opinions and participate in the communication process. Those companies get valuable ideas and information to drive their business strategies – they also create highly engaged, informed and involved employees.

Which leads us to one of our favorite success stories, when we created a comprehensive dialogue strategy for a large, complex corporation. At a high level, this project included:

  • Creating a full-time “Dialogue Team” to run the program
  • Developing a suite of creative and valuable employee dialogue tools, including face-to-face feedback sessions with peers, agenda-free town halls with the CEO, informational expos, quick-hit polls and a groundbreaking social media forum
  • Creating new methods for measuring and capturing the collective employee voice
  • Instituting a “listen-plan-target-discuss” strategy to integrate employee insight into the business

The result was an extraordinary infusion of open, honest dialogue into the company DNA – which helped to boost engagement, increase understanding, reduce turnover and improve business strategies.

If you’re interested in learning more about our work in this area, please see the attached case study, written by the Corporate Executive Board/Communications Executive Council. Or, contact us directly.

Best Buy Dialogue case study


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