When Culture and Communications Cross Paths

Large, established companies aren’t the only organizations that need help effectively communicating with their employees. We recently had an opportunity to assist a young technology firm overcome some challenges with a transition from its go-go, start-up mentality into a more mature, strategically focused company.

One of the most interesting elements of the job was a theme we heard from employees at all levels: “Help us re-establish our unique company culture.” As our Communications Assessment progressed, however, we found the company didn’t have a unique, overarching culture. In fact, due to its aggressive early growth and changes in its strategic approach, the company had several strong and distinct sub-cultures.

The remote sales team lived at arms-length from the rest of the company. The software engineers operated in an insular world of their own. The corporate offices were inhabited by two divergent groups – Millennials fresh out of college who craved greater business context and experience, and more seasoned professionals pressed into leadership roles without the time or training to assist their younger colleagues.

It was a daunting challenge for this company, but it also created a terrific opportunity. Our recommendations provided a slate of actions the leadership team could take to begin re-stitching the separate cultures into a new whole, one that better aligned with the company’s sharpened strategic plan.

For us, it was evidence that even the best executives and Internal Communications teams can become so immersed in their daily operations that they lose sight of the issues that contribute to employee dissatisfaction. This is when an experienced third party can help identify the root causes.

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