Sharpening a Small Business Strategy

Our client had a small B-to-B supply chain company and big ambitions. He knew he could serve Fortune 500 corporations as well or better than his entrenched competitors – he just needed to get his foot in the door with an outstanding cold-call sales presentation.

Rather than jumping straight into PowerPoint, we took a few steps back to understand the story he needed to tell. We got to know the company owner (a personable man with a passion for efficiency), his business (a team committed to the community and able to handle complex challenges) and the marketplace (dominated by well-established heavy-hitters).

Our client had no shortage of information about his operations, workflows and expertise. We needed to pull out the most compelling nuggets to make his company shine.

The key was in clarifying his services, allowing potential clients to understand his numerous capabilities – separately, and as part of a sequence of program management activities. On top of this foundation, we crafted the messages that explained what truly set him apart from competitors: the owner himself. His proven experience, drive and innate sense of responsibility became the heart of his company’s story and a personal promise to his customers that his competitors couldn’t match.

We executed the strategy by creating the best approach for his business, including a succinct sales presentation as his “calling card,” backed by comprehensive, consistent copy on his web site we redesigned. And we reflected his business’s strengths in every element of the communication – from the efficient, streamlined design of his PowerPoint deck to the skilled, smiling employees featured in the new photos online.

The first time our client reviewed his new sales pitch, he was excited to present it to potential clients. “This isn’t going to just get my foot in the door,” he said, “it’ll get me a seat at the table.”

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