From Helium to High Finance: Writing Policies Your Employees Will Follow

Company policies benefit from a communicator’s attention. We can ensure the policy is detailed but simple, with clear rules and consequences. We also can help the policymakers anticipate employee questions, thereby strengthening the policy before it ever gets published.

While it may not sound like the most exciting work for a consulting firm to tout, we’re proud of our experience working with Human Resources, Security, Technology, Communications, Operations, Finance and Legal departments to write policies and – most importantly – communicate those policies to employees in ways that promote understanding and compliance.

Over the years, we’ve worked on policies related to information security, ethics, social media usage, employee conduct, company finances, confidentiality and disclosure. In fact, our office shelf holds a national award for creatively, humorously and respectfully communicating a small agency’s new dress code.

And lest you think we only work on broad, mission-critical policies, you should know we have a “no job is too small” mantra, as evidenced by the Balloons in the Workplace Policy we were once tasked with writing. For real:

“Due to the possibility of latex helium balloons getting loose and setting off ceiling fire alarms, only Mylar helium balloons may be used for company events held in the campus common areas. Latex balloons may be carried through the common areas for use in individual office buildings as long as they are tied to anchors to ensure they do not float to the ceiling. All balloons must be removed at the end of the event. Balloons used during individual office building events should be removed shortly after the event and should not remain after they have lost full pressure.”


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