When Cost-Cutting Becomes a Necessity

No one relishes the task of announcing cost cuts and budget reductions. But a good communication plan can allow for targeted messages to the right audiences, clear next steps and proper context. A good comm plan also leads to bottom-line results.

We have experience in a variety of efficiency-related communication, including announcements from the executive team, CFO presentations and dialogue sessions, policy change communication and leader’s guides to direct team discussions.

Here’s one example of the kind of assistance we could offer your organization:

While working for a company that had set a goal for a sizable drop in SG&A, we developed a communications strategy to involve employees in uncovering cost reductions. This included creating a leadership program at the middle-management level, where employees were nominated to serve as their team “efficiency champions.” They directed efficiency messages to their colleagues and led educational and cost-reduction activities. In addition to helping build a culture of fiscal responsibility, the efficiency champions program had the corollary benefit of serving as an informal leadership development program – helping hundreds of employees rise to a new level of influence among their peers.


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